We Power Your Projects
Providing solutions to specific problems, responding to individual needs, producing on order, and, not least, on-site assistance and servicing are CONVEL’s key elements, placing it for over twenty years amongst the top companies in the field of production of fully customised direct-current feeding systems and UPSs. Indeed, targeting a market for whose needs mass-produced goods are inadequate, CONVEL is able to create equipment with customised electronic and mechanical specifications.

For several years, CONVEL has been working in the power-electronics sector, matching ISO 9001 certification standards throughout its production.
This means controls during design, manufacturing, testing and assistance for every piece of equipment produced, which in turn means maximum safety after installation on site. Today the best guarantee of the quality of CONVEL equipment is to have been selected by Customers and/or Engineering studies where customised configurations of the utmost reliability were required.

Reliability means safety, correct operation and performance over time. These are the reasons that lead CONVEL to run full quality production, to commit themselves directly at every manufacturing stage, providing indoors design for all its equipment, testing, burn-in, circuit-board design, as well as issuing all the final documentation to be provided along with the equipment.
This has created within CONVEL the know-how required to produce ever-more innovative products of the utmost reliability, assuring them a place in the technological vanguard of AC and DC power supply systems, and a clientele including important names throughout the world, in the fields of telecommunication, oil industry, broadcasting, wherever absolutely reliable power supply equipment is needed.

Custom-made Products
‘Customised’ construction is an element of great importance which, furthermore, is reflected in the service provided to the customer. Indeed, CONVEL can personalise all the elements making up its equipment; they can adapt the overall dimensions, the painting cycle, the protection class, the measuring instruments, the protection devices, the input and output voltages, and much more, to comply with the specifications given by the customer, or requiring special certification for aseismic or naval use or for telecommunication systems. All in all, CONVEL is able, even on a large scale, to design and develop products not available commercially.