Evaluation of existing equipment.
Convel specialised personnel will carry out a visit to one of your existing plants, to acquire all the necessary information and/or parameters necessary to produce a quotation, or to construct a new system, which will meet your requirements and give the necessary plant improvements.

Consultation pre-sales on Purchasing Technical Specification issues
This service is offered to companies, typically MAIN CONTRACTORS, which need to produce technical purchasing specifications before issuing purchasing orders. In this operation, Convel puts its technical staff at the customerís disposal, and makes all its know-how available. It guarantees that the technical specification will meet all the requirements of the current regulations and will fully meet the plant and the customerís needs.

Preparation and issue of detailed quotations.
All the equipment made to order by our Company is first analysed and costed. This operation necessarily involves the Technical and Commercial offices, in order to guarantee the correctness of the quotation made to the customer, and at the same time it enables us to put forward a quotation with the best possible cost/performance ratio
Every quotation issued, is first checked and approved by our Technical Manager, in accordance with the Quality Standard ISO EN 9001.

Schemesí Approval.
On request, we will issue all the project documentation for APPROVAL by the customer before starting to construct the equipment ordered.

Customer Final Tests.
Final testing in the works, in the Customerís presence.In addition to our normal internal test on 100% of the production, we will carry out a final test in the presence of the customer, or his nominated representative, when requested to do so.
During the final test we will check the performance against the original customer specification; and all the functional parameters will be confirmed in accordance with the applicable regulations and/or against the customer request.

Delivery to destination.
This simple, but in some cases indispensable service, guarantees that the customer will receive the equipment ordered, at his premises, well packed for dispatch via sea or land.

Assistance during installation and start-up.
If programmed at ordering, or if requested later, Convel will make its technical personnel available to carry out or supervise the operations of equipment installation and start-up. This will guarantee that the equipment is used correctly and works perfectly.

Programmed Technical Assistance and Maintenance Contracts.
To assure the maximum efficiency and reliability of its products, Convel offers PROGRAMMED MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS to its Customers. This means that there will be one or more visits to check the functioning of the equipment. On these occasions the working parameters are checked and if necessary, maintenance is carried out. This service may also include in its price the cost of any necessary spares, thus saving the Customer the need to keep a stock of these.

Special Technical Assistance within defined times.
In case of need or breakdown, Convel offers an intervention service world-wide to return its equipment to service.
If requested, a particular band of assistance can be given, that is to say that the maximum time interval can be defined within which a repair or modification must be carried out.
All requests for assistance must be made in writing, by fax (see : How Contact Us).

Spare parts.
All Convel products use components available on the market. We therefore guarantee that spares will be available for at least TEN years following purchase. This also applies to all the electronic boards.
We stress that all the electronic boards used in our equipment, have been designed and built by Convel.