Power Supplies
SerieS ALM

The ALM series includes all Power Supplies types having different mechanical and technical solutions among them.
They can be :

- Not stabilized.
- Stabilized with fixed output voltage and current values.
- Stabilized with adjustable output voltage and current values.
- With A.C. or D.C input voltage.

Power supply construction is governed by a Technical Specification, by a Specific Specification, by the specific requirements of the plant into which they will be fitted, or by the load to which they are connected.

The input voltage can be adapted to meet customer requirements, 110 Va.c., 220 Va.c., 380 Va.c., or any other rating as required - both for single and 3 phase versions.
They are supplied with measuring instruments, protections, function and alarm signals, and can be constructed as open plates (for installation in a Customer’s cubicle), in 19” Racks or in metal boxes (high power versions).
For the latter, Convel can supply power supplies controlled by thyristors with a rectifying bridge in a dodecaphase version, to reduce the harmonics’ content of the input current to within 5% (with the addition of an entry filter), or to within 10%.

We also make Switching Power Supplies with conversion to high frequency and Power Supplies with a very low content of residual output ripple and/or psofometric noise for telecommunications’ applications. The output voltage stability is typically 1% of the load variations, from 0 to 100%.
Power Supplies with several output voltages, fitted with DC/DC reducing or increasing converters, for the production of several output voltages simultaneously, also form part of the ALM series.

Last but not least, Convel can also supply d.c./ d.c. reducing or increasing voltage converters, with the same technical and mechanical characteristics as the Power Supplies. These can be fitted with galvanic insulation between the input and output, if required.

In the stabilised version, the Power Supplies have an output current limitation and are protected against short circuiting.

All our Feeders are supplied with full documentation, are CE marked and conform to the Low Voltage Directive CEE 73/23.