Carica batteria


All our Battery Chargers can be customized related to Plant type, input voltage and/or battery used.
Basically are divided in:

AALS : Dual Branches Battery Chargers.
BTM : Single Phase Input, Single Branch Battery Chargers.
BTE : Three Phases Input, Single Branch Battery Chargers.
SLX : Single Phase Input, Emergency Lights Battery Chargers.

Most of this Chargers can be realized in Reduntant or Paralleled configuration, to increase Plant reliability

Basic One Line Diagrams

The battery chargers may be made to a technical specification, to a special specification or to meet the particular requirement of the equipment into which they will be fitted, or they may be made to meet a particular load.

They are made in conformity with the applicable CEI and IEC standards.
Like all Convel products the input voltages can be adapted to the customer’s needs both in regard to the voltage value and the frequency.
They are supplied complete with analog or digital measuring instruments, automatic protection switches and LED signals to indicate their state or an alarm state.
They are fitted into 19” racks or into metal box (for the more complex versions).
It should be noted that Convel can fit (see examples) automatic distribution switches which means that the Customer does not need to construct a dedicated distribution board.
The distribution can be determined by the Customer through a load list and can be made by direct connections or through fused switches, or through automatic switches.

In the standard design the battery chargers have an IP 30 protection, or IP 20 with open doors. However, the protection grade can be extended up to IP 54 if required.
Like power supply, the battery chargers can be adjusted using thyristors with rectifying bridges in dodecaphase version. This is to reduce the input current harmonics to within 5% (with an input filter), or to within 10%.

There are no effective limitations as far as the batteries are concerned. Our battery chargers can be used with sealed lead batteries, with open lead plate batteries or nickel-cadmium batteries. They are compatible with all the batteries made by the major battery suppliers. The chargers will be made to match the type of battery which the Customer uses. For sealed lead batteries there will be single charging voltage, whereas there will be two or three levels for the others (a float charge, a full charge and a manual charge) as requested by the battery makers themselves.

The chargers are fitted with an EMI entry filter, a c.c. side filter to attenuate the residual wave form, maximum and minimum voltage controls, polarity to earth control, and can also contain DC/DC converters - so that different voltages can be output according to the load (e.g. 24Vd.c. and 110Vd.c.), or to adapt the range of the battery voltages to the plant (derived branch system).

The metal boxes are given a standard paint treatment using oven treated epoxide powder paint. The colour is RAL 7032 and the thickness of the coating is a minimum of 75µ. On request other paint standards can be used (BS, NEMA) and other colours for the framework, doors and panels.
All the internal fixings are tropicalised, which ensures that they have a long working life.
The internal cabling normally uses protective distribution channels; and the cables themselves are the flame-resistant type (CEI 20 - 22).For specific purposes, it is possible to use low toxic emission flame resistant cables type AFUMEX CEI 20 - 38.

All our battery chargers are supplied complete with documentation, the CE mark; and conform to the Low Voltage Directive CEE 73/23.