A.C and D.C. Distribution Systems.
Energy Systems including Battery.

Tipical SYSTEMS produced by Convel:

- Multiple Connection Power Supplies (N + 1).
- Paralleled Power Supplies.
- Chargers with battery included into cabinet.
- All-in-one Charger, Battery and Distribution Systems.
- Redundant or paralleled UPS and Distribution.
- A.C. Distribution Systems.
- D.C. Distribution Systems.
- Battery Cabinet including Battery.

When complete systems are produced, including batteries, Convel uses its own products with batteries which are either purchased or received as part of a processing contract. The batteries may be sealed lead type, stationary lead batteries (in open containers), or Nickel-Cadmium type. These batteries are mounted within the board. The version with Nickel-Cadmium batteries mounts them in several rows, to facilitate topping-up with liquid. The stepped base may be constructed of stainless steel, with a containment tray to catch any liquid spillage.

The minimum protection grade is IP 30, with IP 20 when the doors are open. The protection grade can be raised to IP 54 if required, or protective filters can be fitted to the ventilation openings.

The Distribution section has miniaturised automatic switches, or molded case switches. On request, each switch can be fitted with a closed contact and/or a status indicator, so that the operating state can be easily established. The distribution sections can be kept separate from one another and automatic or manual insertion systems can be incorporated (electro-magnetic switches) for any or all the distribution parts.

Systems can be built which operate with solar panels for battery charging and/or for feeding a load distribution system.

All our systems are supplied with full documentation, CE mark and conform to the Low Voltage Directive CEE 73/23.