D.C. Input Voltage Inverters.

Different from UPS' which are supplied by A.C.source, the INVERTERS, single phase and three phases output,
are supplied by D.C. voltage.

The functional characteristics are identical to those of the UPS, except for the Battery Charger and the Battery, which are not required for INVERTERS.
The input voltage can be personalised in the range from 24 V.c.c. to 400V.c.c.for the high power range. The feed voltage is related to the output power of the inverter.
INVERTERS are available with either three phase output or single phase output. The output voltage and frequency of the inverter can be personalised according to the equipment or according to the requirements of the Customer’s country.

If required, a static switch can be supplied at the output side in order to guarantee supply to the load should there be a power failure, a breakdown or a maintenance shutdown. In this event, an alternative independent power source must be arranged.

They can be made in three different presentations :
Exposed plates (for installation in the Customer’s cubicle).
Rack 19 inch chassis
In a metal box

With the exclusion of the exposed plates, which only guarantee a minimum grade of protection (IP 00 to IP 20), the other versions give a minimum protection of IP 30 or IP 20 with the doors open.

The INVERTER range cannot be likened to the motors drives ( variable frequency inverters), but can be used to feed motors with a.c. current. In this event the power must be defined in relation to the characteristics of the motor to be used. Furthermore, it must be recognised that these inverters give out a fixed voltage at a fixed frequency.

INVERTERS can also be used as “Frequency Converters”. In fact, on request, Convel will make them with an output frequency which is different to the European Standard (50 Hz).

All INVERTERS are supplied complete with their full documentation and CE mark, and they all conform to the Low Voltage Directive CEE 73/23.

10kVA Inverter (Exposed Plate)