Static Switches

This series includes:

- Single Phase Version
- Three Phases Version

The STATIC SWITCHES are typically built into UPS or Inverter systems, however, they can be supplied separately, for stand alone applications.

Their function is to switch between two alternative power sources. The working parameters are constantly controlled through an electronic board connected to a micro-processor, which selects one of the two sources at the output. Normally the load is switched to the line considered to be the “Principal” one and it is switched to the “Emergency” line if the principal power source is interrupted or faulty.

The electronic control board also verifies the presence or absence of synchronisation between the two lines, and signals any lack of synchronisation as a fault.

The input power can have any frequency and any alternating voltage. The 3 phase version also monitors the input phase sequence of both lines and signals a “Sequence Error” if a difference is detected.

The switches are either in plate form for open mounting, or are in 19” racks.

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