Microprocessor Controlled Static Switch 220V 20A

The Static Switch MSS, has been realized to supply any kind of single phase alternating load, switching two a.c. input lines between them.
This Static Switch is very usefull if You need to double the performances of Your Plant, if you want to supply an a.c. load, for example, having two separately UPS', or whenever You have two a.c. sources and you want use both to supply a single load. This means that in event of failure of the first a.c. line, with no interruption, the load is switched on the second one in less than 10 msec.

Technical Characteristics


220 MSS 20


Rack 19 inch 2U deep = 350 mm

Power Module Weight:

2,2 kg


dried in oven RAL 7032

Protection Degree:

IP 30

Input Connectors:

Male 3 poles circular

Output Connector:

Female 3 poles circular

Interface RS 485:

DB 9 poles

Allarms/Reset Connector




Nominal Input Voltage:

220V (available 110V or 380V)

Input Voltage Range:

+- 10%

Input Frequency:

50 - 60Hz selectable

Input Frequency Range:

+- 5%

Nominal Output Voltage:

220V (available 110V or 380V)

Nominal Current:

20 A

Max Output Current:

25 A

Output Current Limit:

from 0 to 25A (by software)

Max Output Peak Current 5msec:

40 A

Not Repetitive Current:

350A for 10ms

Max Switching Time:

< 10msec with synchro
60msec without synchro

Max Input lines Phase Shift:

10 degree (mod. by software)



Lines Stabilizing Time:

5 sec

Lines Synchro Stab. Time:

5 sec

Overload Count before Stop:


Working Temperature:

0-50 ° C

Alarm Contact Capability:

220V 3A


natural air

Serial Interface:

RS 422 - RS 485

Download of User's Guide: 220mss20.zip (920 kb):