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Customized solutions

Due to our specialisation, the production has diversified and the scale of work has increased from small protective equipment to complex solutions for large industrial plants. The work standard has been maintained at the ISO 9001 certificate level and we use the best quality materials available. We pride ourselves on our design and construction work and our equipment is supplied with user's and maintenance manuals, guarantees and technical assistance.

Quality control

Convel production has a quality system which ensures that the Customer specification is respected; it is also subjected to further controls, to ensure that the specification has no inherent technical weaknesses. Our supplier controls ensure that we receive top quality semi-finished goods and these are scrupulously checked against the project documentation and requirements. This attention to detail ensures that our finished goods meet specification in all respects.

Custom-made electronic power equipment


Our organization

Our Staff

Convel’s technical staff have a continuous dialogue with our Customers, with the aim of giving complete satisfaction. This process also ensures that the equipment produced, meets their real design requirements.

Our installation staff and our after sales service personnel are all highly specialised, and guarantee that the equipment installed performs to Customer satisfaction.

Reliability, capacity and availability have placed Convel among the primary manufacturing companies in the sector, allowing it to count among its Customers the most prestigious names in the field of Energy Production, Telecommunications, Oil and Broadcasting, thus creating equipment installed in Plants all over the world.

Convel technology has reached production standards that have allowed it to obtain, among others, the 'anti-seismic' certification (at ISMES) for UPS and Battery Chargers.


Solution to specific problems, response to particular needs, production to order and, last but not least, direct technical assistance on plants, constitute the vital elements of Convel placing it, for over twenty years, among the first companies in the field of production of static units and custom-made DC power supply systems. In fact, having as its objective a market that does not find solutions in the series project, Convel is able to manufacture the equipment with customized electronic and mechanical solutions.

For several years Convel has been operating in the power electronics sector by applying the standards required by ISO 9001 certification to all production. This means control in the design, production, testing and assistance phases for each piece of equipment made, translating into maximum safety a once installed in the system. Even today, the best guarantee of quality of Convel equipment is that of having provided users and engineering firms who needed customized solutions of absolute reliability.

When we talk about reliability we talk about safety, good functioning, continuity over time. These are the reasons that induce Convel to operate in a quality regime by directly engaging in every production phase, carrying out the design of all the equipment, testing, burn-in, the design of the electronic boards as well as the emission of all the the final documentation supplied. This has allowed Convel to possess the know-how necessary for the creation of increasingly innovative and absolutely reliable products, to always be at the forefront as regards AC power supply systems, etc… , to count among its Customers important names all over the world in the field of Telecommunications, Oil, Broadcasting, to be present wherever absolute reliability in power supply is required.

An element of great importance, which also corresponds to a service provided to the Customer, is the tailor-made construction. In fact, Convel is able to customize all the elements that make up the equipment; the overall dimensions, the painting cycle, the degree of protection, the measuring instruments, the protections, the input and output voltages and much more can be adapted, to create products that comply with a specification issued by the Customer or that require of special certifications for naval, anti-seismic or telecommunication uses. Ultimately, Convel is able to design and manufacture products, even on a large scale, not commercially available.


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