Available with many different configurations and technical solutions, the UPS' are covering a power range from 1kVA up to 200kVA. Furthermore, Convel is specialised in low power three phase UPS (1÷8kVA), with very long back-up time up to, and more, 24 hours and with input and output customized voltages. For an easier erection & installation, the battery can be supplied complete with steel type rack with acid proof protection coating or mounting cabinet, even for NiCd battery.


Our A.C. systems can be extremely customized, even mechanically. The cabinets can be made on request with specific dimension, colour, door opening and protection degree IP. Big systems can be divided in more sections for an easier transportation & installation. The internal components, material & circuit breakers may be chosen respecting a Customer's vendor list and much more.


Input: Single phase 110-230Vac 50÷60Hz
Three phase 200-400-415 Vac 50÷60 Hz
Battery Charger: intended for battery recharging according to the relevant specifications, either lead, or sealed lead, or nickel-cadmium battery, it can be provided with fully- controlled (6 pulse) or dodeca-phase (12 pulse) rectifier bridge. It can be also included the A.C. input isolation transformer
Inverter: it is made with PWM technology using IGBT power modules and provided of output isolation transformer. The electronic control card is microprocessor based
Static Switch: it is made with high power Thyristor (SCR) with very fast switching between inverter-mains, and vice versa, in zero time. The electronic control card is microprocessor based
Manual By-Pass: always available with static switch, it is very useful for a complete output side sectioning for maintenance. Made with the “Make-Before-Break” configuration, it ensures manoeuvres without any micro-interruption of the power the load
Emergency Line Stabilizer: under request, an emergency line voltage stabilizer can be added. In this case, the output voltage will be stabilized within ±2% even with inverter OFF
Parallel & Redundant: both UPS & Inverters may be made according to redundant configuration or with more paralleled systems
Distribution: the systems can be provided with integral, or separated, load distribution avoiding a further external distribution panel


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